Sports Sounds Pro

Sports Sounds Pro 6.0.7

Sports Sound Pro software program is a tool for creating sound effects at live events

Sports Sounds Pro software program is used by sound operators and technicians at sporting events and other live performances. The application gives the users the ability to quickly and easily add sound effects to the live event.

Sports Sounds Pro software program is identified by the use of colors and allows the user to tell which sound files have been used, which sound file is currently playing and which files have not been used.

This application can be used at sporting events including football, baseball, and lacrosse as well as ice skating rinks, rodeos, live theatre and many types of seminars.

Sports Sounds Pro software program was written in Delphi 5 and will play MP3, MP3, MP1, OGG, WAV and WMA files but it cannot play midi files.

This is resolved by using one of the many conversion programs available online. They can convert the midi files to wav files. The Sports Sounds Pro program is very easy to install and even easier to use.

It handles up to 8,640 user settable buttons and provides shot keys, drag and drop and Copy-Cut-paste capabilities. This application is meant for professional and casual use.